The Silver Lining Behind Every Cloud

03/12/2012 16:28

I finally booked an appointment with my doctor to ask about my hair loss. She just asked several basic questions, such as have I been stressed lately, taking any kind of drugs, or used any kind of new hair products, before the hair fall started. She asked about the regularity of my period (!), and whether I noticed any hair sprouting in other places (!!), which thankfully I did not.

At length, she asked if I had any relatives who also suffered from baldness. Uh-oh, my dad and uncle had actually begun shaving their heads because every male on their side had receding hairlines. Plus, I had an aunt who had thinning hair, which she always attributed to her thyroid problem.

While this was all going through my mind, she began examining my scalp, eyes, neck, and even my nails. Once she was done, she told me I had to have some blood tests to rule out other causes of my hair loss. I had to ask her what she was thinking, because suddenly, I felt queasy.

In a nutshell, she said it looked like I had female pattern baldness, but she had to rule out other causes of hair fall. Before that time, I have never heard of such a thing! I thought it only happened to men. I asked her if there was anything I could to prevent this. Luckily, she gave me several suggestions such as topical drugs or laser therapy, if I was conservative, and surgery like FUE hair transplants. Of course I had to wait for the final verdict first.